How to the wings off a fly

whispers greet
Sheets bend with wind
Moon bares fangs
Something eyes your shoulder
When alone
You can almost feel the lick of steel across jugular
Cobwebs claim room corners
Like wraith fingers
Like something hunting you
Just beyond the reach of sight
Cold rests on your lap
You pray nothing stirs
Nothing with sinew and tooth
Nothing with malice and hunger
Nothing crawls like blood greeting gravity in droplets
You hear scratching
Either from claw or axe
Your heart is dancing
Drunk on fear
You edge back towards lighting
Call for companions
Your voice finds abandonment
You reach for something to brandish
Some form of protection
The poker in the fireplace
A heavy book
It's coming
You can hear foosteps now
Unnatural in gait
Uncanny in weight
Breath becomes shallow
Muscles twitch
Your trapped
Eyes dilate to see silhoutte
You shout at it
Feign bravery
And scream
Later they find a