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"Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

Project Mimir

Project AbbyN

Project Isley

Digital Poetry

Texas in Derivatives

It Was More Fun in Hell

Gazes Into You

The Duplexity of Mi Salida

How to Tear the Wings Off a Fly

The Staircases are Bees

Nothing is More Ephermeral than Relationships Begun on Barstools

The L in Life: Blue

A Short List of My Present Concerns

var Hatasha = Shuffle(Braincode)

Fake Trees

The Words We Are Left With

Digital Kinetic Scuplture

Project Circles

Engine of Virtue: Stage 1

Engine of Virtue: Stage 2


Machine Maleifica

Various works in progress that I swear will be brilliant masterpieces some day

Work in Progress...